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Midland College is the path to a quality, affordable education and a brighter future. We offer you the opportunity to earn an associate degree and enter the workforce or transition to a bachelor’s degree program at the college or university of your choice, while paying less tuition than a four-year institution. Additionally, we can help you get the skills you need to change your career and achieve your personal goals. All of these possibilities are flexible and geared to fit your schedule.

Tuition Savings

Our tuition is lower than most four-year colleges and universities, and we offer opportunities that meet many educational needs. You can earn a degree, certificate or prepare for a professional certification. Complete your associate degree with us and then pursue your four-year degree at another institution at a fraction of the cost.

We offer classes close to your home or work.average_cost

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid makes it possible for many of our students to turn their dream of a college education into reality. To see if you qualify for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Financial aid workshops are frequently offered on campus to help answer your questions and help you correctly fill out applications.

Scholarship Opportunities

The College offers dozens of scholarships to students for their studies at MC and toward their transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Scholarships not only recognize academic efforts and potential, they help keep the costs
of college down.

The Smart Path to
a Bachelor’s Degree

If you have your sights set on a bachelor’s degree, it makes sense to complete your first two years here and earn an associate degree. You will pay less in tuition compared to other colleges and universities and interact with faculty in classrooms that average 22 students.

Many In-demand Jobs Require an Associate Degree

Computer support specialists, nurses, paralegals, radiologic technologists and respiratory therapists are high priority occupations in Texas, and these great careers require a two-year degree. With this credential, you can always continue your education and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Nikki Sarpolis

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