The Transforming Power of Education

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How Midland College is Fulfilling its Mission to Serve the Community

Ask Midland College (MC) students or graduates and they’ll tell you a pretty compelling story of how college changed their life—how a professor inspired them—how services, like tutoring and supplemental instruction were instrumental—how their plan to transfer core classes worked perfectly—how Midland College was exactly what they needed it to be.

It’s been that way since we opened our doors 41 years ago. It’s our mission to educate, enrich and empower students. We believe in the transforming power of education for each of our students. We know education is the key to success for students and, in turn, our community.

Making Dreams a Reality

We’ve all heard about America’s shrinking middle class. These days, how can an average person reach his or her dream? Statistics show that education is the route to a viable economic future.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that as education levels increase, so do median weekly earnings, and the likelihood of being unemployed decreases. According to Census Bureau data published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, almost 28 percent of Americans 25 years and older have a bachelor’s degree.

Where Dreams Meet the Real World

Midland College is here to serve the community. We’re here to provide opportunities for students to reach their goals and to answer the needs of local businesses with an exceptionally qualified workforce.

How do we do that? We bring together advisory committees made up of area leaders who advise us on what they’re seeing in their businesses every day, what employees need to know to excel, and what the future holds for students to be competitive. We know what’s happening in the real world of healthcare, business and industry by maintaining these connections. Thus, we use this information to create a better fit between skill sets and jobs.

Additionally, Midland College partners with local high schools to promote early college success and pathways to higher education.

Building Partnerships with Innovation and Flexibility

MC’s ability to adapt to a changing work place has opened doors for local people to train for emerging industries. Through partnerships with Midland Memorial Hospital, the Midland Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Solutions of the Permian Basin, the Midland Development Corporation and various energy companies, training programs are put in place to excel products, programs and personal productivity in areas such as healthcare, energy technology, teamwork, communication skills and overall workforce development.

Community Benefit of Student Success

Midland College students stay and work in our community, rebuilding the local economy one day and one job at a time. Their education enriches their lives and adds to the quality of the community.

It’s not just students who reap the benefits of MC.  State and local governments see a rate of return on their support for Midland College, primarily due to lower social program costs and reduced crime rates. Together this positively impacts our community and local economy.

Education is Key

Midland College gives students permission to dream, and then prepares them to achieve those dreams. By helping students develop a taste for learning and by providing experiences that will lead to opportunities, we’re helping prepare the healthcare workers, technicians and scientists that this region needs. At MC, we know education is the key to success.

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